Steve Zellers

About Steve Zellers

Steve Zellers is a dating revolutionary and strategist.

His philosophy is “Choose. Love. Today.”

Just like you may have, Steve failed in love and dating many times. So much so, that he decided to dedicate his life to changing dating for the better…for himself and others. Steve has been a dating strategist since 2010.

Steve Zellers’ methods of Dating Differently™ have helped thousands of people around the world, and he will reach millions. Steve believes that a dating life you love starts long before you meet the other person.

He is best known for his 30-Day Dating Differently™ Challenge, that helps people remove the root causes of hurt and suffering in relationships. Falling in love is usually fun, but building a relationship is something entirely different. Steve’s approach includes clarity, healing, and self-love with big doses of community support and accountability.

Steve’s mission is to help guide motivated women and men to the next level of relationship happiness. His work has helped singles find real love, start engagements, save marriages, end toxic relationships, and helped empower his clients to lead more fulfilled lives with healthy satisfying relationships.

If you think you are ready to Date Differently, please go see if the Challenge is right for you.