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What if you could find, attract, and keep the relationship you choose in only 30 days?
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What Is The 30-Day Dating Differently Challenge?

The 30-Day Dating Differently Challenge is a group coaching program designed to help you find, attract, and keep someone worth dating within 30 days.

Today’s dating world can be confusing, frustrating, and sometimes just downright painful or dangerous.

What if you could have the exact steps to find someone truly worth dating? This program is designed to provide you with the exact steps and systems to find the love of your life within 30 days, completely customized to your specific needs.

What This Program Includes:

Virtual VIP Strategy Session

A 30-minute strategy session with Steve Zellers to create the plan to find, attract, and keep your ideal significant other.

Weekly Coaching

Four (4) one-hour group coaching sessions with Steve Zellers and the coaching team to guide you through the process of your plan.

Help For Your Dating Profile

Steve will help you create or upgrade your profile to help you attract the right people and repel the wrong ones.

Online Membership Site

Authentic Dater is a great online resource to allow self-paced progress through the tools and steps you will need to get a solid dating foundation. Your membership will be free during the 30-Day Challenge.

Online Community

This private group contains all the members of the challenge and our coaches, so you can interact with everyone, ask questions, and stay connected. This is the beginning of your dating support system.

My 6-Step Process

Over the past 7 years I’ve discovered how to find, keep, and attract the right relationship. I’ve learned how to be the person I want to attract.

Now you can do this, too. I'll help you every step of the way.

There’s a Simple 6-Step Formula:

  • Visualize Your End Result (Clarity)

  • Determine Your Purpose and Mission

  • Clear Your Space/Heal the Past

  • Activate and Practice Self-Love

  • Create a Dating Strategy

  • Join or Create a Community

This Program Is For:

Motivated Singles Who Are:

Coachable, action-oriented, fast movers who want to learn how to attract love, give love, learn new strategies, make new friends, or even meet “the ONE”… all while living their passion and purpose.

This Is NOT For:

 Stagnant Singles Who:

Make excuses, do not want to put in the effort, don’t take action, are not open to learning, won’t invest resources in themselves, or do not care about helping other people. Anyone who kicks puppies or litters on a regular basis need not apply.

How Will It Change Your Life?

The Dating Differently 30-Day Challenge will be the beginning of a love life you love. You will receive personal attention, group coaching, and community connection. If you have ever felt like you're the only one on a lonely journey being single, that's about to change. Never before has a program given people accountability and support in dating like this.

What Other Benefits Are There to Joining This Challenge?

You will have on-demand access to our online resources at Authentic Dater. Any time you want to review the materials, re-watch a coaching session, print "playsheets" (we don't do worksheets), it's available for you with your private login.

Private Community
You will have exclusive access to interact, ask questions, and grow along with others who are on a similar journey to your own. Singles need a tribe.

You will get a private one-on-one session with Steve, and group sessions with all of the other participants. You will learn individually as well as vicariously through others. We will have 'power seat sessions' where you will be able to hear someone else go through a coaching session and benefit from what they learn.

The coaches care about your results and you will be held accountable for the goals you set. It's all part of holding yourself to a higher standard. It's a proven fact that people perform better when held accountable.

How to Join The Challenge

I'm going to help 20 people have the love life of their dreams… If you are ready to find someone worth dating and think you are up to the Challenge, then…

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